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The weather was frequently mentioned in the Free Press, especially when it was bad.  Here is a summary:

12/14/1917 – below zero

New Year’s 1929 – severe snowstorm

January-February, 1929  – 33 days below zero, once more than 30 degrees below

Historical Events

Numerous historical events were mentioned, giving one an inside view on the past.  Here are a few of them:

12/06/1917 – explosion in the harbor at Halifax, Nova Scotia; letter from superintendent of the Halifax School for the Blind to the superintendent of the New York City School for the Blind.

This was the largest man-made explosion until the atomic bomb in 1945.  More than 400 persons were left totally or partially blind–many by flying shards of glass.  This led to great efforts on the parts of physicians, and a collaborative effort managed to greatly improve the treatment of damaged eyes.  Here is a link to the CBC archives on this event:  Halifax Explosion

Famous Visitors

The school had many famous visitors in its day, including:

03/25/1918 – General E. D. Swinton, British War Cabinet, inventor of the armored tank

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