There are many benefits to maintaining membership status in the AAWSVH.  Among them are the following:

bullet Ability to vote in elections and other matters of importance to the organization
bullet Participation in committees that further the goals of the organization
bullet Invitation to AAWSVH events, particularly the tri-ennial reunions
bullet AAWSBVI e-mail account on request



All students and employees of WSBVI during an academic year are automatically accorded membership in the organization.

Activating a Lapsed Membership

If you haven’t heard from the AAWSBVI for a long time, we probably don’t know where you are.  You can re-activate your membership by providing your contact information to the Secretary, and payment of appropriate dues to the Treasurer.

Unfortunately, if your membership was terminated for cause, you cannot be re-activated.


Payment of dues will be required at the time of activation.  Active members are required to pay $5 dues per triennial period.  Payments can be sent to the Treasurer, or paid in person at any AAWSBVI meeting or reunion.  Non-payment of dues will result in deactivation of your membership.

Contact Information

All active and associate members are required to ensure the Secretary has a current Post Office mailing address where you can receive organizational mailings.  If this address is not kept up to date, we cannot contact you with important information, such as meeting notices.  If you have moved in the last 18 months, please take a moment to update your information.



All members may establish an AAWSBVI e-mail address at no additional charge.  This account may stand on its own, or it may be permanently forwarded to another account that you have.  You must have access to the internet and an e-mail “client” (i.e. software to access e-mail from your personal computer) to use your e-mail account.   E-mail policies are listed below.  For additional information on acceptable use and privacy, see the links at the bottom of the page.

bullet You are responsible for procuring, configuring, and maintaining your e-mail client.  AAWSBVI is responsible only for the delivery of mail in your account to your client on request.  For technical support, contact the manufacturer of your e-mail client.  For technical information about the AAWSBVI domain, contact the webmaster.
bullet While there is no specific space quota on your account, holders of large accounts may be asked to clean them up.  The AAWSBVI fees for web site hosting depend partly on how much space and bandwidth we are using.
bullet AAWSBVI is not responsible for filtering SPAM; if your account receives a large amount of SPAM, AAWSBVI will, upon request, change your account name.  Contact the webmaster.
bullet Use of the AAWSBVI domain to send unsolicited, bulk e-mail is strictly probhibited.
bullet Activity traced to your e-mail account will be treated as your responsibility, regardless of who actually perpetrated it.  Please guard your account and password carefully.
bullet Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited.  Flaming others via e-mail may be construed as harassment.  Violent and vulgar language should be avoided as well.  To report harassment, please contact the webmaster.