The Free Press

The Free Press was the name of a monthly newsletter sponsored by the AAWSB (and later, AAWSVH) and addressed to their membership and other subscribers.  The Free Press reported current school news to alumni in great detail.  After 1925, it was supposed to be published twice a month.  Publication continued until about 1970.

Many of the original typed proofs that were sent to the printer have been retained by the AAWSVH.  Their condition is deteriorating rapidly, however, and a project to preserve their content has been undertaken.  All available issues have been scanned for archive to CD.  We hope to be able to offer copies to the membership at some future date.  Meanwhile, check the Flashback section of this web site for interesting stories from the Free Presses gone by.

Help Needed!

Approximately the first 20 years of the Free Press are missing from the files.  If you have or know where we can find issues published between 1897 and 1917, please consider lending them to us so that the archive can be completed.  Contact: Theresa Zenchenko or Karen Heesen.